Advanced milking solutions

Our milking automation technologies provide advanced milking solutions that are highly reliable, accurate, and require little maintenance. Below are four examples of how our milking automation solutions improve efficiencies.

No. 1: Improve milking
No. 2: Save time
No. 3: Increase accuracy
No. 4: Improve cow and worker well-being

We worked with dairy farmers to address farmers’ needs for an efficient and productive milking process that requires no special skills.

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The milking automation technologies pioneers

Based on original development started more than 40 years ago and continually improved over the years, our milking automation technologies have become the leading standard in the market. 

Successful farmers around the world depend on our milking automation technologies and solutions. More than 500,000 of our electronic milk measurement devices are installed globally, and more than 12 million cows are served by our milking automation technologies.

Our milking components are available as standalone solutions and are also integrated in the milking systems of several other companies. The modularity and scalability of our systems make them suitable for most types of existing milking solutions at small and large farms. Farmers can start 

with a small or simple setup and later upgrade as their needs change, regardless of the milking parlor type or size.

Our solutions control the entire milking process, measuring the yield and providing a full solution for pulsation, automatic take-off, display, and alerts. They are highly configurable, to suit any farm and parlor.

More than 500,000 of our electronic milk measurement devices are installed globally, and more than 12 million cows are served by our milking automation technologies.

Milking Control

Our milking controllers provide best-in-class milking performance, with a unique combination of extensive, configurable options, robustness and ease of use. They display only the relevant information to the operator, enabling a quick and cow-friendly milking process. The system is modular and can be installed with or without animal identification and herd management software.

Somatic Cell Count

Measure where it matters. Our new in-line monitor delivers automated Somatic Cell Count readings for every cow in under 2 minutes. Now producers can intervene much earlier to control what goes into their bulk tank, and prevent the spread of infection. Producers can also confidently detect high SCC cases, optimize parlour routings and protocols while improving milk quality and animal welfare.

Smart Pulsation

Smart pulsators and control valves deliver highly reliable operation. Incorporating over 40 years of extensive field research and numerous unique
features, our Smart Pulsators are installed in tens of thousands of milking points around the world. Our pulsators’ streamlined design makes them easy to install, monitor, and replace, even during milking.

The milking automation technologies pioneers

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