Automate heat detection and improve conception rates

Automate heat detection and make faster, more informed decisions with confidence. SenseHub™ Cow Calf is a 24/7 monitoring solution that improves your farm’s ability to detect estrus, no matter when it occurs.

With SenseHub™ Cow Calf as your eyes and ears, you can tighten the calving window and focus on improving estrus detection. Click below to learn more about our dairy cow monitoring system.

Tighten your calving window

Tighten the calving window by detecting estrus faster and timing insemination, to increase conception rates and get the most from your herd with our cow monitoring technology.

Free yourself from manual observation

Spend less time making visual observations or running synchronization programs, with an accurate picture of cows in heat anytime, anywhere – regardless of skill or experience. View your herd inventory 24/7 and gain peace of mind from knowing your cows are healthy and always accounted for.

Identify health outliers earlier

Ensure optimal health and wellbeing for your cows at all times, with prompt visibility of behavior changes indicating potential health issues that could be missed through visual observation alone. Understand trends across the herd to make informed changes to management practices.

Improved heat detection rates by nearly 50%

A 2004 study showed that more than 50% of the cows observed were in estrus between 6 p.m. and 6 a.m., and 24/7 monitoring almost doubled heat detection rates*.

*DETECTION OF STANDING ESTRUS IN CATTLE FS921B, George Perry, Extension Beef Reproduction and Management Specialist, South Dakota State University, 2004

Easy installation

Whether you opt for monitoring ear or neck tags, SenseHub™ Cow Calf is easy to install, even on farms with remote pastures. Minimal infrastructure requirements and seamless upgrades make SenseHub™ Cow Calf easy to use and suitable for a range of farm operations.

Intuitive operation

You’ll appreciate the simplicity of SenseHub™ Cow Calf from day one, with an intuitive interface that requires little training and no need for dedicated devices. Easy-to-read reports and graphs highlight the most critical information, which your whole team can access through their own smartphone, to start making informed decisions right away.

Custom insights

We understand that every farm has unique production goals, so insight requirements will differ too. With the new SenseHub™ Cow Calf Report Generator you can edit standard reports and create bespoke reports to suit the exact needs of your farming operation. 

Seamless upgrades

Built-in functionality enables your SenseHub™ Cow Calf software and monitoring tags to be upgraded remotely, protecting your investment by ensuring you always have access to the latest features and capabilities for the life of the system.

A connected knowledge platform that informs reproductive success

The SenseHub™ Cow Calf ecosystem is evolving to deliver even greater automation and insights with the addition of new hardware and extended system capabilities — creating a modular ecosystem with the flexibility you need to effectively monitor your livestock across the production cycle.

Results proven in the field

SenseHub™ Cow Calf can identify estrus without the need for visual observation. By ensuring breeding occurs in the optimal window, SenseHub™ Cow Calf can help you to optimize conception rates and boost the productivity and profit potential of your herd.

Adding more value

  • 24/7 secure, cloud-based data insights
  • Integrates with over 20 different herd management systems
  • Full back-up and restore capability
  • Customizable reports to suit your farm’s requirements with the new Report Generator
  • Local technical support team

Get the download on SenseHub™ Cow Calf

We believe greater freedom starts with a closer connection to your animals and their needs. Download the SenseHub™ Cow Calf brochure today to find out how timely, actionable insights in the palm of your hand empower you to transform breeding success and workflow efficiency.

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