Transform animal health and labor efficiency

Keeping your herd healthy is key to managing their productivity and profit potential. But early identification of potentially at-risk cattle is complex and time consuming.

SenseHub™ Feedlot automates the monitoring process, providing a 24/7 connection to every animal. It constantly checks for behavioral or physiological changes that could indicate a potentially emerging health issue and alerts you to any outliers, often before clinical signs of disease become visible.

With timely, actionable insights at your fingertips you can save time and labor and intervene promptly to help improve health outcomes.

Identify outliers

Visual observation remains the primary means of detecting potential emerging health issues. However, visual observation alone is complex and error-prone given cattle’s natural instinct to hide disease, the scale of modern operations, and a shortage of skilled labor. SenseHub™ Feedlot helps to identify outliers with potential emerging health issues earlier and more accurately.

Improve outcomes

Every animal is a valuable asset, whose health and productivity can be protected using SenseHub™ Feedlot​. Earlier detection enables earlier intervention in potential health  issues, improving health outcomes​. SenseHub™ Feedlot can help to improve treatment success to reduce re-pulls and re-treatments, as well as optimizing animal performance and profit potential.

Increase efficiency

SenseHub™ Feedlot monitors animals 24/7 so workers don’t have to, with daily pull-lists alerting pen riders to at-risk animals​. Ear tags illuminate  automatically to help pen-riders quickly locate and extract  animals so that you can save time searching for potentially at-risk livestock.

Connecting your feedlot operations with an integrated knowledge platform

  • At induction, newly arrived animals are fitted with a unique, illuminating ear tag which monitors movement and ear canal temperature
  • A range of connected devices sited across the feedlot work in parallel to collect and analyze ear tag data for a status change that may indicate a health outlier
  • Bright, flashing LED lights help workers locate animals requiring attention, for further monitoring in growing pens or extraction to the hospital pen

Open up new possibilities in your operation

Focus on the animals that most need attention, first

SenseHub™ Feedlot is continuously monitoring for abnormalities in behavior and temperature that may indicate an emerging health issue.  The system alerts pen riders through daily-generated pull lists to target the animals in need first, for further examination by staff or veterinarians.

Historical monitoring data can help to inform decisions

With ongoing monitoring, Sensehub™ Feedlot can assist in identifying animals that need further attention.

Manage inventory at load-out

Ongoing monitoring can help to track progress over time, and assist you to more quickly identify animals requiring attention with cattle feedlot solutions.

Locate outliers faster and save costs with a unique illuminating ear tag

  • Sensors monitor movement and ear canal temperature for changes that may indicate an outlier or a change in status
  • Bright flashing LED lights help workers locate and extract animals requiring attention
  • Strong lithium battery and impact resistant polycarbonate shell last the life of the animal
  • Unique pin design enables reuse on other animals to help minimize costs

“SenseHub Feedlot is evaluating animals 24 hours a day, seven days a week.
Think of it as an employee that works all day every day, whereas your other pen riders
are only evaluating those animals five to ten minutes per day.”

Tadd Thomas, Advantage Feedyard, Colorado

Improved outcomes in the feedlot

SenseHub™ Feedlot has proven to identify potential emerging health issues earlier and more accurately than visual observation. By enabling earlier intervention with animals whose behavior or change of behavior could indicate potential health issues SenseHub™ Feedlot can help to improve treatment success to reduce re-pulls and re-treatments, as well as optimizing animal performance and profit potential.


Reduction in BRD Mortality

Clinical research at an Oklahoma feedyard showed that SenseHub™ Feedlot monitoring helped to reduce mortality due to BRD compared with traditional pen rider observation*


Reduction in pens entered per day

SenseHub™ Feedlot also reduced the time pen riders spent monitoring cattle health, with a 70% reduction in pens entered compared to traditional visual observation*

*Comparison of SenseHub™ Feedlot versus conventional human pen-rider methods in a U.S. feedlot: An interim report. 2021. Data on file.

Get the exact insights you need with the new Report Generator

Your feedlot operation is unique. SenseHub™ Feedlot Report Generator transforms operational control by enabling you to quickly and easily tailor your monitoring insights. Intuitive functionality lets you segment animal populations and modify analysis to suit specific production goals. Real-time, actionable insights are delivered straight to your preferred devices, either as custom alerts or unique on-demand reports.

Everything you need to turn actionable insights into real results

SenseHub™ Feedlot brings together a powerful ecosystem of connected devices, powerful software and dedicated support. It’s everything you’ll need to start turning unique animal insights into measurable outcomes.

Freedom is knowing expert help is always at hand when you need it

SenseHub™ Feedlot gives you multiple points of support, from self-guided tools to dedicated technical assistance, to resolve issues fast and ensure you get the maximum value from your investment. Our global network of local teams work with you to ensure the success of your monitoring system, from seamless installation to ongoing technical support.

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This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease in animals. For the diagnosis, treatment, cure, or prevention of disease in animals, you should consult your veterinarian. The accuracy of the data collected and presented through this product is not intended to match that of medical devices or scientific measurement devices.