Find control and efficiency through a closer connection to your livestock

Knowing the status of the animals in your care is essential to keeping them healthy and productive. But identifying key events or emerging issues promptly through visual observation alone can be difficult on today’s larger and more complex farms.

SenseHub is a more efficient and reliable way to monitor your herd or flock. It provides a 24/7 connection to every animal from anywhere, and a comprehensive understanding of their behavior and needs. With timely, actionable insights at your fingertips you can act decisively to enhance their wellbeing and performance.

Choose the right SenseHub™ solution for your farm

Empowering dairy farmers to
know when, where and how to
focus their time and resources,
to confidently farm with more
Empowering farmers through
enhanced monitoring and
workflow optimization.
Empowering feedlots and
backgrounder operations
with proactive cattle health
management insights and
Real-time data that provides
real insight into your flock

Actionable insights customized to your operation and goals

Every farm is unique, with its own systems and production goals. We’ve adapted our solution to meet the diverse challenges of different species and environments, from housed dairy cows to pasture-based beef cattle. With tailored solutions, flexible plans and customized insights, SenseHub™ gives you greater control of your herd or flock.

A connected ecosystem that adapts to your farm business

The innovative SenseHub™ ecosystem provides all the tools and flexibility you need to stay connected to your different animal populations.

  • Choose from different hardware and plan options according to farm size and production goals
  • Assemble different combinations on the same farm to get the right mix for your needs
  • Adjust your solution in time with changing animal populations and monitoring requirements

Manage your farm more effectively

Enhance productivity through heat detection

Real-time, actionable insights into every animal improves production, reduce skilled labor requirements and save valuable time.

Improve health outcomes with earlier intervention

With early insight into your animals’ behaviors — often before any clinical signs of potential illness are visible — you can make swift, decisive decisions in conjunction with your veterinarian that can reduce treatment costs, and minimize re-pulls and re-treats, all while optimizing animal performance.

Enhance group nutrition, health and welfare

SenseHub™ group monitoring applications help you better understand how decision-making impacts animal well-being so you can act in the best interest of your herd or flock as a whole. Group data helps you visualize trends or understand the effects of external factors, informing an immediate response as well as guiding longer-term planning.

Advance the efficiency and productivity of your farm

SenseHub™ keeps teams connected to timely, actionable insights into animal status, enabling faster, more informed decisions and improving outcomes. With critical information more accessible, you can focus more easily on the animals and activities that are most important, and work more deliberately and efficiently. Our integrated automation solutions leverage SenseHub™ insights to even further streamline workflow.

“With mortality savings and decreased rate of re-pulls and re-treats,
you can easily pay for this system. The start-up costs are slightly less to
slightly more than the salary of one employee.”

— Tadd Thomas, Advantage Feedyard, Sterling, Colorado

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Explore the right SenseHub™ Solution for your farm

Find freedom through

deeper animal insights

This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease in animals. For the diagnosis, treatment, cure, or prevention of disease in animals, you should consult your veterinarian. The accuracy of the data collected and presented through this product is not intended to match that of medical devices or scientific measurement devices.