SenseHub™ Dairy Solutions

The first and only youngstock monitoring solution

SenseHub™ Dairy Youngstock is the first solution dedicated to monitoring dairy calves and heifers for the first 12 months of life – so you can establish optimal performance from the start of every cow’s life.

SenseHub™ Dairy Youngstock provides actionable insights to give you a more comprehensive understanding of your animal’s status and needs – allowing you to focus valuable time and resources on youngstocks that may require special attention.

24/7 Monitoring

Helping you detect animals that may need attention often before any clinical signs of disease become visible, SenseHub™ Dairy Youngstock enables early intervention when required – to protect future productivity of your valuable youngstock assets.

  • Monitors your calves and heifers 24/7
  • Establish long-term performance though earlier intervention
  • Help to develop more efficient workflows

Adjust your workflow to improve operations on your farm

With 24/7 monitoring letting you know which calves need attention, as well as a blinking LED on the calf’s monitoring ear tag for quick location, SenseHub™ Dairy Youngstock makes it easy for you to prioritize the care of your youngstock and adjust your workflow to improve operations on your farm – in three steps:

  1. Attach monitoring ear tag at birth or at weaning
  2. Monitor behavior in the SenseHub™ Dairy system
  3. Easily identify calves and heifers requiring your attention

Freedom is knowing that you’re optimizing performance at the start of every cow’s life

Whether you monitor from birth, with nipple-fed calves in single hutches, or post-weaning with calves in group pens, SenseHub™ Dairy Youngstock delivers actionable insights and alerts to help you optimize the well-being of your calves.

Farm with more freedom through a deeper connection to your animals — from calf to cow

Download the SenseHub™ Dairy Youngstock flyer to learn how you can start farming with more freedom.

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This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease in animals. For the diagnosis, treatment, cure, or prevention of disease in animals, you should consult your veterinarian. The accuracy of the data collected and presented through this product is not intended to match that of medical devices or scientific measurement devices.